I discovered this rose in bloom in my unheated greenhouse today…in January, in Canada.IMG_6813

My herbs, like this pot of rosemary and mint, are still lovely and green and useable.



Three years from its construction, it is still my favourite place to be. In another month or so I’ll be out there every day with a cup of coffee and the radio planting vegetable, herb and flower seeds.IMG_5675Manufactured in Israel, it came in boxes, a lot of boxes. We ordered it online through http://www.canada-greenhouse-kits.ca.

Go-big-or-go-home bold, we ordered the Grand Gardener (8 x 20) with four roof vents and four side louver windows which open automatically when it gets to a certain temperature. Some assembly required is an understatement but it proved less daunting than it looked. The Handyman put it together over the course of a few days with the help of its good set of instructions. Well made, everything went into place beautifully once the site was nice and level.

IMG_5702It was built to start unusual perennial and annual seeds, mainly ordered from England, to sell at local farmer’s markets. More posts to follow on this enterprise…


Voila, here it is in action.

IMG_7534 IMG_0494 IMG_7270 IMG_7263

The Handyman constructed benches and built an inner wooden frame so we could add a layer of poly inside to help keep the heat in during early spring. The frame was great for hanging plants as well. Note the fan. Air movement is key to keeping the plants healthy. A thin layer of chicken grit in the pots helps avoid moulds and fungus.