Not a labour of love…

Our tree fort was not a labour of love…no labour involved. It’s our combined childhood fantasies brought to life. Built over the span of five years with visiting family work parties, it continues to evolve with plans for a rear deck, a third cabin, a rustic spiral staircase surrounding the tree and a rope bridge connection to a tower and said tower.

It houses the bravest of children on overnight adventures and overflow guests who relish a bit of glamping.

It’s a spot for a nap and has become a wildlife photography blind.


This mum spent the afternoon persuading her two cubs to climb down the tree next to the fort. She clearly spotted us but we felt “safeish” in the fort with the trap door shut.

The latest addition is a zip line which was decidedly not safeish during beta testing…It’s bungee cord brake is now set properly.



Both cabins have laminate flooring and electricity. The top cabin of the “skyroom” has screened windows, a futon, some funky antiques and a trunk filled with toys. The bottom cabin is set up more for adults with a queen-size murphy bed and boasts recycled glass windows.

It’s a mystery why anyone with a nice comfortable house would be delighted with a smaller, rustic space. The view from the upper deck, the breezes blowing through and the birds are only part of the story. The kids all think it’s cool. Of course. It’s more about the awakening of the childhood fantasy in every single grown up who has climbed the ladder and lifted the hatch.