I was decorating and antique shopping at about this stage of the tree fort build.

Tree fort under construction

And started buying things for the cabins at about this stage.IMG_3610The laminate flooring is a tree fort upgrade that elevates it from splintery plywood and it has been easy to clean. The roof overhang keeps any rainwater from coming in the screen windows and ruining the floor.IMG_3675The second cabin, added a year after the first, is designed as more of an adult space. Kids can sleep in the upstairs cabin futon with parents not too far away.

Adult tree fort cabin ready for guests

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Here are some more pictures… The decor is evolving still. The adult cabin, dubbed “The Nappster” will get drywall and paint eventually. Its guests have also recommended roll-up bamboo blinds to help with the moonlight. A back deck addition is planned for this summer.